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What does Sustainability mean to us?

Where people, planet, and products align.

Luxury at its finest is slow, artisanal, organic and bespoke. Sustainability in fashion is multi-tiered and varied in its complex supply chain. We understand the dilemma of creating beautiful experiences but also being climate conscious at the same time. Gifting organic and natural products is difficult and expensive.

We want that to change.

We want to make sustainable products accessible and cost-effective. 

At Raari, we believe in sustainability as a form of conscious decision-making. Using natural fabrics instead of synthetic materials, working with grassroots artisans to create products that empower people.

Nature Background

Materials made from natural resources

We work with suppliers who use materials made from natural resources like cashmere, pashmina, cotton, silk, and other innovative materials like tencell, bamboo, hemp. Based on our extensive research these materials have lower carbon footprint and are biodegradable.

Empowering people

We work with several NGOs that enable growth for artisanal communities using their craft. Whether it is providing them with work opportunities or preserving their crafts, especially for women artisans.



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